Anger in Athens: Video of riots at mass Greece protest – Athens Video

For latest updates, follow RT on and In the streets of Greece, arguably the biggest protest in years is now descending into violence. People are venting their anger against a new package of austerity measures the country is likley to adopt as soon as Thursday.
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  1. Marks719 says:

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  2. TheCappiix says:

    Tip , throw multiple molotoves at the same time and jsut target 2-4 police officers and throw like 10 molotoves ,and get closer ! with a molotov they will fear you !

  3. EvilGrumpmiest says:

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  4. theolide07 says:

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  5. Marks719 says:

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  6. mrtundra45 says:

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  7. Marks719 says:

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  8. mrtundra45 says:

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  9. Marks719 says:

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  10. mrtundra45 says:

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  11. Marks719 says:

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  12. mrtundra45 says:

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  13. Marks719 says:

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  14. mrtundra45 says:

    Americans need to start setting Banks on fire start with Chase ans BOA

  15. mrtundra45 says:

    @Marks719 Fuckin dirty jew rat……..

  16. Marks719 says:

    @mrtundra45 Greeks are brainless savages. Big difference. I hope they all burn their whole despicable country to the ground. Fuck these animals.

  17. pavoSNK says:

    fucking anarchists

  18. vanpersie11m says:

    “And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah , We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied [the messengers], so We seized them for what they were earning.”
    Holly Quran

  19. 1995mattyboy says:

    @mrtundra45 i would rather be in american revolution than australian.
    type in australia riot and go to one uploaded a couple of days ago and watch what happens when we try to be heard…

  20. AriDillProductions says:

    This needs to happen in ny.

  21. BaronBlood85 says:

    @NielsM94 i said before people of EU are not to blame and i can understand their objections.
    but our goverments were collaborating with EU traitors.the EU was lending money with the tons and knew
    that the politicians here were shit.i dont think our politicians made a fool of everyone in the EU…its an organised act through years made by international big sharks.the only plan is to make us all “obedient citizens”.so my point is,lets not blame each other but act all EU people together!

  22. NielsM94 says:

    @BaronBlood85 True, I haven’t seen your struggles with my own eyes, obviously, but I can image how this is. I understand your suspicious feelings towards eu countries, but the point is that saving the country of Greece isn’t the only point of the bail out funds. We have to save our currency too, and with that our own economies. We didn’t create this financial mess, your governers did.

  23. mike21halkida says:

    @mrberlininspain we dont want “help” from euroMafia

  24. BaronBlood85 says:

    @NielsM94 the word aggresive is little…i can give you photos cops
    opening heads of peaceful protesters,cops throwing stones,cops kicking heads and smashing
    elder peole and priests…this is a dictatorship,not just 2-3 cases of police brutality…winter is coming and many people starve,dont have to pay rent or oil for heat…so with all that problems in your mind you go to protest and they smack you…at one point someone will say enough is enough…and then we’ll attack with more than rocks!


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