Greece riots: protesters in Athens start to clash amongst themselves – Athens Video

Amid demonstrations against government austerity, protesters clashed with hooded youths

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  1. openuniverse2003 says:

    @MrScarface095 When the greeks were the slaves of the Turks, and the Ottoman Empire, it was their finest hour! Now you can be the slaves and bitches of the Germans! Stupid lazy greek maggots! LOL!

  2. MrScarface095 says:

    @openuniverse2003 Neonazi facist go kill yourself

  3. MrScarface095 says:

    @openuniverse2003 Neonazi facist go kill yourself

  4. Engelados says:

    @spraycanjunkie haha dont get me wrong….why would i want to make a propaganda ? i am an anarchist. see other comments of mine.

    i do not aprove what PAME did. i am just saying what they believed they were doing.

    truth is that PAME took over the main street in the parlament, forcing all other protesters to join them or leave.
    they WERE asking for it. but the day was shamefull and thats a FACT

  5. TheTechController says:

    finally rioters smat enough to wear their own riot gear to a protent. no point having your head cracked open.

    Respect from Ireland.

  6. openuniverse2003 says:

    @spraycanjunkie That you’re a chickenshit crybaby.

  7. spraycanjunkie says:

    @openuniverse2003 that your mother is a biaaatch??

  8. openuniverse2003 says:

    @spraycanjunkie No one cares.

  9. spraycanjunkie says:

    @openuniverse2003 I am german and not greek, you son of a bitch!

  10. openuniverse2003 says:

    @spraycanjunkie No one talks about Stalinists anymore, retard! What is this, the 1950s??? Get to workj=, you lazy greek maggot! Get to work and pay back your debts to your German Masters!

  11. openuniverse2003 says:

    Lazy greek maggots never should have borrowed all that money in the first place. All they did was use that money to buy German autos, like Porsches. Now they can’t pay back their debts! Lazy greasy greek maggots! When Hitler was running around greece, why did you resist? Get to work and pay your debts to your German Masters!

  12. spraycanjunkie says:

    @zkxb The ones with the helmets, who are not wearing masks called Stalinists. They belive in a autocratic system, which russia had under Stalin! The people with the black masks are the ones who learned from history and attack the ones who still live in the past.

  13. spraycanjunkie says:

    @Engelados So thats why the ones up wearing helmets? Because they want to demonstrate peacefull?? Dont come here with your bullshit KKE / PAME propaganda! It s always the same with the stalinists!

  14. LoveSmokinAFatty says:

    This is America in 5 years. Mark my words. Check out Occupy Wallstreet police brutality. Same case of what started these peaceful protests into raging riots.

  15. 007knobhead says:

    thats what they want you to do kill each other you stupid mother fkers

  16. Engelados says:

    i think people who are not greek need to know what happened that day.

    It was a fight between people who wanted a peaceful protest and people who wanted to burn the embassy.

    the ones UP had old men and children with them
    the ones DOWN didn’t want to protest as one of them.

    a shameful day….

  17. CPS123456 says:

    When there were riots in Greece, I did not care, for I am not Greek. When there were riots in Italy, I did not care, for I am not Italian. When there were riots in Spain, I did not care for I am not Spanish.
    When there were riots in my country I was alone.

  18. yesillik83 says:

    @thlol Kalimera, thlol. I totally agree with you. Honestly, I really don’t much care whose history its is. What I care is, it is the history of humankind, under different flags. I’m not so proud of Ottoman history, or my present goverment. I’m blaiming, just like the rest of the world’s saying, today’s people of Greece with not being hardworker as they should be. And I am criticizing the world’s present system because a part of world can have a good life but most of it, can’t have it. Not fare.

  19. thlol says:

    it is easy to re-produce your state’s national propaganda,”kardesim”..
    since we live in the same neighborhood, and You really know about history, describe the people reading here, about your country and people.was it roman, byzantine, ottoman? was there an “independent country” called turkey?
    when power, kardesim, needs something gets it. so any stupid nationalistic propaganda, is used to separate people for specific period of time.because power, is too greedy to leave You free.

  20. epicgiant says:

    @zkxb They aren’t hired by elite, thats no where near reality. Its a bunch of broke pissed off people taking their shit out on each other

  21. zkxb says:

    @epicgiant The cowards and PUSSIES with the black hoods are called provocateurs. They are hired by the elite to destroy property and start trouble during peaceful protests to make it look like the protesters are the ones causing trouble. Then when the police show up, the provocateurs run away like little girls.

  22. FabzGarcia says:

    WHY? u guys should fight together… against the government… so sad…

  23. epicgiant says:

    why are the people fighting themselves?

  24. Skin828 says:

    @ukipwarrior actually its communists protecting the socialist state VS anarchists who oppose it!

    Fuck communism and socialism!

  25. Estoesmuserio says:



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