FOX fakes Moscow protest with footage of Athens clashes – Athens Video

News bulletins around the world have been following Russia’s election rallies. But one channel stands out – America’s Fox News has been showing streets ablaze, violent clashes and firebombs thrown at security officers, but with one major problem – the images are not from Russia, they’re from Greece! With so much going on in the world today, one can see how easy it would be to get confused. Are those pictures of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan? Poverty in Somalia or Congo? And what’s a news program to do if there aren’t any good pictures? So producers all over the world search, and talk to their own crews or news agencies who provide feeds for everyone, and find the best shots to grace their air time. Or — in some cases — ANY shots that look more or less similar to the covered topic. Case in point: protests in Russia and the ever-blundering FOX News. Yes, there are mass protests in Russia. Have been, since election day on Sunday. Thousands have been gathering to speak their mind and protest the election results. Yes, hundreds have been arrested. For two days in a row, and for various violations. Yes, there are reports of police brutality and no; right now it’s not possible to say whether they are true. It really does depend on the cops — much as it does anywhere else in the world. In New York, for example, some police officers will look the other way when you are filming somewhere you technically shouldn’t be; and others will detain you outside the United Nations

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  1. @agrizic Yep, they tend to place it where Australia is. I say, bring back a class in geography in secondary school. Perhaps that would be a start to clean up our´╗┐ nasty war-like, conquer all mentality.

  2. @MrBungleNoMore1 A 5 sec google search provides one study to support my point….. Google “msnbc americans bad geography”´╗┐
    Had a neighbor once who was harvard grad – didn’t realize that one had to travel through more than one state between NYC and Baltimore.

    Frequency of Viewer Mesperceptions:
    FOX 80%, CBS 71%, ABC 61%.
    NBC 55%, CNN 55%, PBS 23%.
    WATCH VIDEO:´╗┐ Outfoxed.
    WATCH VIDEO: The War You Don’t See.
    WATCH VIDEO: Weapons of Mass Deception.
    WATCH VIDEO: Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the´╗┐ CFR.

  4. @vmeister11 I’d like to see your scientific proof that Americans as a´╗┐ whole are like that. Otherwise, you’d just be asserting your own (misguided) beliefs and passing it off on others. And no, videos from talk shows that edit clips together of “stupid Americans” don’t count.

  5. @malacaralaughs RT is lightyears ahead of the US MSM news that emanates from “the´╗┐ electric Jew” (television)
    If RT is no good, which outlet will give me-an American-the facts?

  6. this is nothing you want some torture watch THE FIVE on fox news.this´╗┐ show makes me want to go insane.then the woman have like 2 pounds of make up on.

  7. @dgl1962 what are you talking about? US broadcast media is crap. have you ever bothered to hear real news from other outlets, and no I´╗┐ don’t mean RT

  8. Don’t blame´╗┐ all Americans. There are some of who are quite intelligent, we know bullshit when we hear it, and FOX News is just a joke to us.

  9. People need to stop watching tv and start getting information from internet. Here I choose what to watch and wich source I want to believe. TV is just pure brainwash and lies with out the possibility´╗┐ of seeing the other side of the coin.


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