Cliff Diving in Athens, Greece – Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series event highlight – Athens Video

Cliff Diving in Athens, Greece - Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series event highlight

It was Englishman Gary Hunt who left his personal mark on Greek soil by winning the third stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 in Athens on Sunday afternoon. Lake Vouliagmeni was the venue where the 26-year-old took his first season victory and repeated his win in the 2009 final. With a whiff of the Olympic spirit present, Czech Michal Navratil made the extra step to the podium and finished third in front of more than 9000 enthusiastic spectators and Artem Silchenko completed the top spots in second place. The midway stop of the 2011 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will take place in La Rochelle, France, on June 18, 2011. For more on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series head over to

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  1. Chandog95 says:

    @kxmade bro i dive and i would still shit bricks if i had to do tht

  2. mcpeze says:

    @m8nproductions i agree it would be sick !!!!!!!

  3. m8nproductions says:

    who’s ready on a belly flop competition?

  4. paymeback10 says:

    hmmm i wonder if a guy could do pancakes while jumping tht……… hmmm pancakes

  5. bulajicvlado says:

    @cliffjump4fun 26 m

  6. cliffjump4fun says:

    how tall is this?

  7. Batworzyx says:

    @BenjaminGx Y a marqué “NEED”. –‘ (There is marked “NEED”.)

  8. BenjaminGx says:

    I’m dreaming or a child has a red t shirt where is writing ” WEED ” at 1:43 ? 😀

  9. MrSgripe says:

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  10. 223torrance says:

    It was okay but kind of weird

  11. StabilizeCinema says:

    look at 2:49 how the champagne went into his eyes LOL.

  12. DjSplash123 says:

    look at the first guy! watch his head!

  13. JAYDOTP1987 says:

    theres nothing gayer than this video, weres the female diving

  14. TrangKaze says:

    Is there anything dangerous and life threatening that RedBull don’t sponsor?

  15. monkey298 says:

    if only gary’s first name was mike… i gues god decided his diving skills and the giant un-missable MOLE, that you can see from outerspace; on his forehead, was all the attention he needed. MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLE!

  16. sammybilts says:

    oh dearr blatant boner… 0:14

  17. apalmer12 says:

    but I thought it gave me wings

  18. msearlicious says:

    omg why r those diver there are they like knocked out after the dive r something :l well it is a far way down….

  19. msearlicious says:

    damn i wud have luved to be on one of those floaties just relaxing watching men in speedos jump off a tall cliff while drinking champayne and chatting with friends wud be the happiest time of my life :l

  20. originaldahha says:

    @energise120294 the closer the better (without hitting it) too far away and you lose points, and it means your going up more than out which gives you more time to get an extra trick in =)

  21. energise120294 says:

    0:59 he’s so close to hurt the platform!!

  22. devilsticker101 says:

    what’s the name of the song?

  23. TheCrenshaw1991 says:

    hey guys, please checkout my channel, thanks 😉

  24. kirdook says:

    I think the music for 0:07 to 0:14 should go something like “baw chika wa wa”

  25. SquareRo0o0t says:




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