Violent scenes in Athens as bloody Greek riots keep on raging – Athens Video

Budget cuts or bankruptcy – a tough choice for the Greek Parliament which is facing a crucial austerity vote. European leaders have already warned Athens there are no other options. Protesters are already flocking to the Parliament – thousands of them are again venting their fury over the planned measures.

12 Responses to “Violent scenes in Athens as bloody Greek riots keep on raging – Athens Video”

  1. MultiPuma81 says:

    kill yourself

  2. Barskor1 says:

    YAH Good Going Greeks! Fight on don’t accept the Bull shit debit they say you owe. Your Debit is a lie! Reject it and all Banker fraud!

  3. boballs13 says:

    I don’t get these people, if you’r going to a gun fight don’t take a knife. Most of these people should at least take a bat to protect themselves form the attacking cops.

  4. Geofftalks says:


  5. Darknessknight38 says:

    “pls explain to me what the F*ck is this “New World Order” thing ?”…..

  6. GeneralPositive says:

    It’s a shame they’re fighting over government services like this. They and many other inferior people have forgotten what true independence is.

  7. GeneralPositive says:

    Dumb greeks

  8. Denis Smith says:

    My grandfather started working at the age of 15 and didn’t stop till he died at the age of 85. At the end of the 30’s he had his own factory, making cheese. When german occupation forces entered greece they confiscated all the stock, so, considering the circustances my grand father went bankrupt. He and his family suffered humiliation and starvation by the german occupation troops. Yet i never remember him speaking about the german people the way you speak about the greeks, why so much hatred?

  9. LordDivus says:

    Hahaha I shit myself of laughing. I am German and I enjoy how you lazy greeks destroy your country instead of working 😀

  10. vplazmazz says:

    you media is saying this the people from greece are the only one who are fighting against the nwo and the banksters you the people from other countries dont have the balls to do this if you would now we would live in a better world.

  11. christianvally says:

    someone here ask a question?he ask if somebody can tell him why Germans hate Greeks, ofcouse yes i can answer the question——-the reason is because Greeks are lazy people,cheaters,untrust nation,liers,tax evaders,will u be happy if it was you?????lets tell ourselfs the truth and stop beating around the bush,dont expect manner to fall from heaven u must work hard to feed urself not free handout because one day that person that feeding u must get tired and push u out,no free luch 4 lazy man.

  12. Pippinfight says:

    that looks like fun i want to be in a riot all throw some of my home made pipe bombs there way


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