Greece: thousands receive food handouts in Athens – Athens Video

Greece: thousands receive food handouts in Athens

Thousands of Greeks in Athens hurt by rising unemployment and crippling social cuts queued up in the heat for food handouts.

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  1. giogisimos says:

    1. my country is not a shithole…2. the life of the 90 % of Greek population wasn’t bullshit, it was awesome even though they worked very very hard….Their life was way better (and harder) than the depressing, boring and lazy life of the north Europeans…3. E.U is responsible for the crisis in Greece since it destroyed our economy and our produce and the Greeks who brought my country in this shithole called Europe…And the 10% of Greeks who did all these shit like no paying taxes, lazyness 

  2. Antonio7chalgaaa says:

    @giogisimos Bullshit it was. Look at you know, debt populous. Pointing the finger at the Germans and all other who are not responsible for your shithole country.

  3. giogisimos says:

    Hey asshole….These people have probably worked in a year more than you have worked in your hole life and they’ve been working since they were 5 yrs old!!! That was the life of the 90% of Greek population…..What they show you is the 10% which rules Greece!!!

  4. TheCornflacke says:

    Das geld geht NUR ins Finanzsystem und NICHT nach Griechenland,was uns os die medien weis machen wollen.. fuck satan und Zinssystem!

  5. Antonio7chalgaaa says:

    Look a you now, Greece. I bet these were the same people sitting around all day, not working, lecturing everyone on how “they” gave the world everything it has today lol. Stupid greeks

  6. BlackCrotalz83 says:

    i totally i agree with you my friend from England.Every country cares about their temporary profits and their benefits and not for the common good!!! chaos will inevitably spread all over the Europe one day they cant realize it!!

  7. BlackCrotalz83 says:

    she is a stylish poor lady!! xd some products here in Greece are quite cheap!!

  8. wapi6 says:

    our money system is life killing and human unkindly. we should abolish it. go looking for Silvio Gesell.

  9. crestind says:

    0:42 Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses?

  10. boomx87 says:

    The man in last 5 Seconds is the best ! 0:55 min!

  11. mromanov says:

    Just a(n inevitable) part of the capitalist system.

  12. FreeRussian says:

    Well the took the second bait recently by voting to stay in EU, well they are getting what they had voted for.

  13. FreeRussian says:

    They should thank themselves. They voted to stay in Euro Commissar Land. They had a chance to get out, establish their own stable currency and the money would flow into Greece. Instead they decided to stay in EU and get gangbanged by the banksters. Well then, they should not complain. They got what they’ve asked for.


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