Leaping high for gold – Yelena Isinbaeva – Russia – Athens 2004 Olympic Games – Athens Video

Yelena Isinbaeva started out as a gymnast in Volgograd until the age of 15. However, as she kept on growing, she moved into athletics which would prove to be a great choice. Arriving at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Isinbaeva was already a world record holder and therefore a favourite; however she had placed third in the World Championships. Yelena Isinbaeva had already missed two attempts for 4.70 and 4.75 metres, leaving her in third place, with fellow Russian athlete Svetlana Feofanova leading. In a jump that could define a bronze or gold medal, she made her final attempt directly for 4.80m. This time, a perfect jump took Isinbaeva to the lead. Yelena Isinbaeva still came back to pass the 4.85m barrier and after that settle a new world record at 4.91m.

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