Cuts and tears: Greek police disperse angry mob in Athens clashes – Athens Video

Cuts and tears: Greek police disperse angry mob in Athens clashes

Greek riot police have used tear gas to disperse the crowd of raging rioters throwing petrol bombs and stones. Greece is at a standstill once again, with people venting their anger at more cuts, which the EU is demanding in return for vital funds. Read more RT on Twitter RT on Facebook
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  1. Maybe you should chillout a little bit. Everybody fails at some points in their life, this dude had it on camera. And I pointed that out to everybody, and guesse what, 8 people tought it was funny as well 🙂

  2. that´s weird, every1 else sendin me hateful emails lol but glad ur back, watchin ger/greece football game right now, read that all greek fooballers promised germany they suck their uncles dicks if they let them win….lololol

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  6. Double faced IMF policy
    2012 GReek Crisis =
    2-3% low rate interest.
    Bailout of 240 Billion Euro dollar.
    Forgiving 75% debts swap -> national loan.

    1997 South Korea Crisis =
    9.7% high rate interest.
    No cancellation of debts.
    Forcing 25% high rate in domestic loan
    lead to company’s bankruptcy.
    Poor individuals suffering high price index.

  7. if you ever manage to get so close to those bastards and fight them without fear you can then call that a fail…until then shut up and shit in your room watching videos


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