Jpost reporter viciously beaten by vigilantes near Athens landmark – Athens Video

Warning: some images are graphic. On assignment in Greece for a story about the rise of Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, Israeli-American journalist Gil Shefler was attacked in broad daylight outside archeology museum while photographing mob assault on migrants, refugees. Video and reporting: Gil Shefler
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  1. Mariooooooism says:

    Could the “blood” smears on his face look any faker? Glad I’m not the only one who notices that.

  2. soko6 says:

    Dudu you are Kidding me now right??
    1) wtf you was making there
    2) what kind of questions you was making to them (bic you american’s you are bit weirdo.)
    3)i don’t know IF  you was trying to offend them or yo make them stupid question’s you know this american’s)
    4)+your video look fake

  3. TheLyraki1 says:


  4. Jmagok says:

    why does his injuries look fake?

  5. panos8814 says:

    The jewish propaganda is so pathetic, I wouldn’t be suprised if he just put ketcup on his face!

  6. Race Realist GR says:

    1488 fuck this piece of shit. Golden Dawn will rid Greece of the parasites. Jews, bankers, muslims and other subhumans will stop stealing our wealth and destroying our society.

  7. parisfr12 says:

    άντε βρε το φλώρο. του χρειαζόταν λίγο ξυλίκι.

  8. tNJippoes says:

    ifamericansknew,org lots of facts with comment or bias

  9. tNJippoes says:

    0 Israeli houses destroyed since the year 2000

  10. tNJippoes says:

    24813 Palestinian houses destroyed since the year 2000

  11. tNJippoes says:

    USA provides 8million dollars per day to keep the Jewish state alive

  12. tNJippoes says:

    1476 Children and more than 5000 adults murdered by Israeli soldiers since the year 2000

  13. boskinator says:

    Palestinians are not moderate at all. It’s their way, or the highway. They have been whining, hating, bombing and indoctrinating their children to do so for DECADES. They are the most hated arabs in the arab world. Why won’t any of the arab countries give them refuge? Israel has bent over backwards for the lying, blood libeling, pallywooding palestinians. They withdrew from Gaza, and offered a two-state solution TWICE. The palis chose to lob rockets and launch intifadas instead of making peace.

  14. boskinator says:

    Ah, bullshit. Israelis, however didn’t stop the Phalangists from killing the muslims. Not their business. Hezbollah is a puppet of Iran and Syria.

  15. tNJippoes says:

    Israeli commandos dressed in Lebanese Christian Militia uniforms and attacked Moslem groups. Hezbollah was started to deal with incursions into their territory by Israel. My UN is not beloved, they make mistakes but they are not war mongers like Israel. Assassination squads still murdering people in foreign countries. The ironic thing is the palestinians are the most moderate of Arabs, Israel should be partnering with them instead of murdering them. You are a biased observer.

  16. boskinator says:

    You mean Gaza, right?
    You should actually go to Israel and see for yourself. Look up an Irish chap named Nicky Larkin who, after Op. Cast Lead was so “outraged” by Israel that he decided to go there and make a film (“Forty Shades of Grey”). His beliefs were turned upside down when he saw what an open and liberal society Israel has established. Upon his return to Ireland, he was shunned by his fellow artists (leftists) for taking Israel’s side in the conflict. Mugging by reality, AGAIN.

  17. boskinator says:

    Sorry, but you need to look a little deeper. UN: research why so many resolutions have been made against Israel (hint: look up “Israel and the UN Human Rights Council” here on YT).
    Israel did NOT start any war with Lebanon. The PLO installed itself in Lebanon in the 80’s and began launching their attacks on Israel from there. In 2006, Hezbollah was launching rockets and mortars into Israel, and kidnapped soldiers (Gilad Shalit being the most famous).
    Israel was created through your beloved UN.

  18. tNJippoes says:

    Interesting you bring up the UN when Israel have basically picked and chosen to follow the UN decisions they like and ignore those they don’t. Sharon is a recognised War criminal who was wanted in the Hague. Israel started the war in Lebanon and today they are still settling on land. Genocide doesn’t have to happen quickly, the disgrace in The Palestine is the generational genocide occuring. Claiming land based on a book of fiction found in a cave seems a little flimsy to me.

  19. boskinator says:

    There is no “G”enocide being “performed”. More Syrians have died in the last year and a half than palestinians in the entire conflict…so stop throwing around propagandistic buzzwords to further ur argument.
    The “palestinians” have been the masters of their own misery since 1947, when they refused the UN partition plan that would have given them a MUCH larger state than what has subsequently been offered (Camp David, Oslo). They refused all three times, and chose hatred, war and murder instead.

  20. tNJippoes says:

    I would imagine there are many, many Jews globally who don’t agree with the slow Genocide being performed by Israel in the Palestine. So no I don’t think I will lump them in, but you are welcome to your view.

  21. boskinator says:

    “concentration camp”??? Please spare me the loony comparisons, ok? Have you seen the Nazi concentration camps in Poland and Germany? I have. The only oppression the palestinans suffer is at the hands of Hamas zealots and inept politicians/leaders like Arafat and Abbas.
    Of course I’ll lump Jews in with Israelis – ITS A JEWISH STATE, GENIUS.

  22. tNJippoes says:

    In Israel they would just have been shot in the streets……..

  23. tNJippoes says:

    No its an expression of the frustration people feel because of the concentration camp created in the Palestine by Israel. Not acceptable by understandable. Don’t lump Jews in with Israeli’s, one is a state the other a religion.


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