Athens Olympics Marathon incident – Athens Video

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  1. MrYb4ever says:

    He was out of the rhytm! It costed with all sure 2 minutes. You see that he was after the attack slower than before!!

  2. Geovani Rodrigo says:

    Vanderlei foi um guerreiro! Ele não perdeu a corrida só pelos 10 seg perdidos pelo ataque, mas, pelas consequências, causadas por essa intervenção.

  3. nakedrussian says:

    0:55 he’s absolutely rape-able??

  4. sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    seriously he could have still won easily, whats 10 seconds?

  5. moondrive16 says:

    yes he finished 3rd i meant 2 say,he may have not held the lead anyway,he said so himself.

  6. Reveal32 says:

    He was in first place and leading by 48 seconds, when that lunatic attacked him, he lost 20 seconds and suffered leg cramps from the battery. You should be embarrassed by this deviant, but ah to be sure it’s just the craic…

  7. moondrive16 says:

    Every country has nutters.He didn’t embarrass me either.I don’t know him.Ur a rite fool galwaygirl if ur so easily embarrased.U don’t speak for me either.The runner was third when the nut attacked him and still finished 3rd so no harm was done.

  8. JOHTheCastle says:

    Show me anyone else in Ireland who speaks for every Irish person like the ignorant little bitch that they are.
    I do not give a fuck about the Olympics. It’s a game. You win, you lose, whatever. Why would anybody give a fuck about it during reflection?
    Maturity is based upon perception. I believe that I have enough of it, not as if it is a necessity, however. Seriously; thinking you can speak for me.. You idiotic child.

  9. galwaygirl401 says:

    You’re the exception, show me ANYONE else from Ireland who supports him. You have no compassion and quite obviously nothing else to occupy your time other than wallowing in the misery of others. Gain some maturity.

  10. LivesAreForNoobs says:

    Right, so you’re the one lacking common sense then, not galwaygirl. That was my point.

  11. JOHTheCastle says:

    I supported the stupid and senseless because they deliver entertainment.
    It’s a game. Not everybody actually gives a shit about it. I enjoy watching it for it’s entertainment properties. This idiot adds to the entertainment.
    She actually believes that she was talking for everybody in Ireland when she said “embarrassing us all”. She did not speak for me. I’m not associated with him, nor am I embarrassed. Please respond, wise one.

  12. LivesAreForNoobs says:

    >bluntly supports the stupid and senseless
    >disregards Olympic spirit
    >tells person to “gain some common sense”


  13. JOHTheCastle says:

    Yeah, with exceptions. You just spoke for everyone in Ireland. You do not speak for me. Gain some common sense.

  14. galwaygirl401 says:

    I’m IN Ireland, I live here, and 8 years later I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t mortified to be from the same country as him. Now, I’ve finished arguing with you about him, everyone (except you) hates his guts, and rightly so. There are some other clips on here of other assholes ruining things for normal, decent people,,,you should look them up, you would probably get a real thrill out of it. See ya :-)

  15. JOHTheCastle says:

    Because he’s just so stupid and senseless that I just love the chaos he brings wherever he goes! Don’t speak for Ireland if you’re not Ireland.

  16. galwaygirl401 says:

    Thank you :-)

  17. galwaygirl401 says:

    Strange sense of humour you’ve got…how is wrecking someones chance of achieving something they’ve worked so hard for “hilarious”?

  18. JOHTheCastle says:

    He’s not an embarrassment to me. I find his antics hilarious.


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